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Hello World! Tropical Storm Isaac… Perfect day to begin my blog!

26 Aug

Sunday morning rain is falling…

Tropical storm Isaac is passing through the Keys area today, and the forecast now shows we will be dodging the eye of the storm this time.  Whew!  Nonetheless, it is a stormy day.  I vacuumed, mopped, did 3 loads of laundry, and fed the family.  I have a list of things I want to get done today, and one of them is to start my blog!  I’ve kept personal diaries for years – books and books of them.  I was always skeptical about blogs, just because I am apprehensive about sharing my inner thoughts to “everyone.”  I am definitely not the type to announce my day to day activities on Facebook either.  However, I realize that my diary books often have blank pages lately, or repetitive stuff – ever since my son started school, life has been super busy – so I have ditched my diary notebooks completely.  I also want to have something (that will not get lost or damaged over time) for my kids to be able to enjoy.  So, I have decided I will start what many others have been doing – a BLOG!  Yey!