Drive me crazy!!!

12 Jun

Why do kids bring so much joy, but can also drive you so crazy?!

I was driving today, with both the kids in the car.  I think they do this on purpose, I don’t know for what purpose, but to drive me crazy.  They start with something so simple and minute, that it doesn’t even make sense that they start arguing…but they do…and always escalates into a full screaming fight.  I’m driving, trying to focus, and try to ignore the screaming match happening in the back seat…then, it builds up to such an aggravated energy, that I scream at the top of my lungs, like a crazy woman, “GODDD STOPPP!!! *&^%$!!!”  Then, immediately after, I decided to zone out of this crazy zone, and did not speak for the rest of the ride.  They, for a moment, shut up with a little shock, but they kept on.

Mia: Stupid!

Noa: No, you are stupid!

Mia: I’m gonna throw my shoe to your eye, so your eye gets dirty!

Noa: You are a female dog! (he means to call her a b**ch)

Mia: Mamma, Noa called me a female dog!  Tell him something!

Me: silence

Mia: I’m going to pee on your face!

Noa: I’m going to fart on your face so bad that you are gonna cry!

Mia: Mamma!!

Me: silence (although their argument was funny, I didn’t give in.)

I got to my destination before it went on any longer.  Wow!  Parenting always tests your limits for sure…


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