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Silly conversations…

2 Feb

Here’s a silly dialog I had with my 8 year old son, Noa, while watching the Superbowl.  I was doing house chores while I had the game on tv.  I came back to the room to watch…

Me: Did I miss the H&M commercial with Beckham?

Noa: No, I didn’t see it.  Why do you need to see it, mama?

Me: Um, because I want to see it.

Noa: I hate him.

Me: Why would you say that?   You can’t hate anyone you don’t know personally.  Besides, you have no reason to hate him.

Noa: He’s a distraction to girls.

Me: (His comment caught me by surprise, and I chuckled.) What? A distraction?  You say the funniest things.

Noa: I wish I can slap you on your face.

Me: Why???

Noa: You need a slap on your face to put your head back on right.

Me: David Beckham is one of the best soccer players in the world, and besides, he is very good looking.  That’s why he is a distraction to the girls.

Noa: Whatever… you are distracted.

Daddy: I agree.

Me: …Don’t be jealous…




2014…New year, New things

1 Feb

New Year has begun, and January is officially over – already…

I am happy to say, new things are happening…

Noa joined a community soccer league!  He has been bugging us to learn soccer for months now.  On the day of the tryouts, we drove to the park.  As we walked towards the field, he started saying, “Umm, I don’t think I want to do this any more…”  I think he got a little nervous, seeing bunch of people on the field.  We told him “let’s just try it out, and see if you really like it.  Just have fun.”  He saw a few of the kids from school, and by the time he took the skill tests, he was comfortable on the field, and doing pretty well.  Tomorrow is his first game!  He is pretty psyched about it, and we (mom/dad) are more excited for him.  It will be good for him to be able to participate in a team sport.

Mia started preschool!  We have been pretty hesitant about this – to let our little girl leave our side – but we finally did it!  She didn’t want to let go of my hand in the morning, but the teachers told me that she was fine soon after we left.  We (mom/dad)  are sentimental about this change, but so excited that she is happy and proud about this new routine.  This is a big step for her, and for us.  She even has homework, and brags to Noa about it.  Noa stares at her (like she is crazy to be happy about homework!)

I want to make this year, a year of progression.  I am happy that we started the year off with new routines.  2014, here we go!