Princess Cake for Mia’s 5th!

29 Dec

For Mia’s 5th Birthday, I made a princess cake!


1. Bake!  I always use the Wilton’s butter cake recipe (I cut the sugar down a cup and added a tad more vanilla extract and deleted the almond extract – I don’t like the way it tastes…)  It’s a dense cake, and I love it’s flavor.  Here’s the recipe:

I didn’t have a heart cake mold, so I baked the cake in a circle mold, then cut it into a heart.


2. Ice the cake!  Mia spotted this Hersey’s white chocolate icing in the supermarket, and she begged me to use this one, so I tried it out.  (It is yummy!)

3. Roll out the fondant.  I got the Wilton wedding cake fondant pack.  Add the Wilton icing color (Rose Pink) and knead until the whole batch is even color.  Then roll it out nice and big.  I rolled it out as big as the edge of the mat I am using.

4. Cover the cake.  Carefully, using the rolling pin, lift and drape onto the cake.  Be careful not to use your fingers when doing this, because the fondant will deform or be punctured very easily.  Make sure the fondant covers all the top and sides.


5. Smooth out the fondant. Using a rolling pin or a smoother, or even your palms, smooth out the surface of the cake.  To avoid the fondant to stick to the equipment, or your hand, sprinkle some confectioners sugar.  Cut off the excess fondant that is around the cake.  Tuck in the edges a little using a butter knife.

6. Decorate!

I first pre-designed the pieces so I know exactly how much fondant I need (for the princess.)  Then, knead in colors.  I used a swab of pink and yellow to make a peach color for the head and arms.  Brown for the hair, pink for the dress, and yellow for the crown.


I used the same method I used for the “Flower Field Cupcakes” (please check out the post for info) to make a few flowers as well.


I also made small yellow and green balls to surround the cake.  To put the last touch, I made a big bow to drape on the cake.

I cut cardboard, and covered it with foil to make a cake base.

I cut cardboard, and covered it with foil to make a cake base.


The kids gave me a thumbs up for the cake!

The kids gave me a thumbs up for the cake!


One Response to “Princess Cake for Mia’s 5th!”

  1. mydearbakes December 30, 2013 at 2:19 am #

    What magnificent bake! Wish I can do something like that too! =)

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