Pumpkin Carving 2013

29 Oct

This year, we carved pumpkins for the first time!


First I washed the pumpkin.


Then opened a hole up top.


Then cleaned the inside.  All the stringy flesh and seeds has to come out.



I rinsed off the inside.


I then put it out in the Sun to let dry, but later found out that this is a big NO NO… DON’T put it out in the Sun!


We drew on the pumpkin as a guide to carve.


I cut out a stencil from a coloring book.

I cut out a stencil from a coloring book.

Start carving!


Ta Da!!!



We love the way it came out!

Daddy made pumpkin soup with the small cut out parts, and it came out delicious!

Note to self… Do not carve pumpkins way in advance.  They are raw vegetable, and it will rot!   (There are tips on the web on how to preserve them longer.)  Next time, I would wait until Halloween day, that way, we can actually cook the pumpkin and fully enjoy them.  Look what happened to ours…

IMG_7760 IMG_7761

They got deformed, and moldy…  We had to throw them away, before any trick-or-treaters got to see them…  :{

It was a fun family activity, and I think we will carve a couple more on Halloween day!


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