October… Halloween… my favorite season

29 Oct

October… my favorite month has come, and it’s almost gone, (by the time I get around to actually finishing this post…)


I love this season, I love Halloween.

Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake!



This year, I actually did decorate the first week of October, unlike some years that I wait until the end of the month.  I feel great about it, because we get to fully enjoy all of the decorations I have collected over the years.  I usually go around the stores right after a holiday, to catch the great sales, so there are many items I got last year, and never saw it displayed in the house, so for me, it is so fun to open my Halloween boxes to see what I have in there!  I put up many zombies and scary stuff this year.  In the darkness, I use a flash light to light up the zombies to scare my children.  It was effective the first time…

It’s yet to be the second week of October, and I have already decorated, got costumes, pumpkin carved, and baked pumpkin pie already.  Boy, this year I do feel a great sense of accomplishment…  October is also my son’s birthday month, so I planned and executed his birthday party and birthday getaway to Disney.  I also have goodie bags for my son’s class for the 31st!  Wow, wow, wow!

I’m also a little sentimental by this time of the year, because the year is almost over.  I feel that same feeling of anxiety I feel every year…  Flashback of “New Year Resolutions” and the list that is still there lingering, waiting to be checked off the list…  Ugh, I only have like 60 days to accomplish these goals, and time is clicking…

IMG_8592 IMG_8593 IMG_8594 IMG_8595


Our front door

Our front doorIMG_7680

Some Freaky toys at Party City

Some Freaky toys at Party City


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