Summer 2013

17 Aug

School will officially start next week, and summer break is over! (NOooo!!!!!)

My stress meter is turning on.  I can feel my nerves and I am starting to panic as I go down the “to do” lists in my head.   But I will be calm and collect, especially for my son.  (I don’t need another person freaking out right now.)  I can clearly hear my husband in my head, “why did you wait til the last minute?”  So unacceptable…this situation totally contradicts what I try to teach my kids: do not procrastinate!

To Do This Week: Get school supplies, uniform, and shoes.  Get him a hair cut.

As I glance over at my white board, I see a list of things I planned to get done – during the summer break.  At the time I wrote it, I was full of confidence that I will get them all done.  I was so motivated, and so proud that I’m going to get so much done.  After all, the summer break is pretty long…

Where did the time go?!  I am utterly disgusted with myself.  Really.  I got about couple of things scratched off the list of tasks, and that’s it.  Thats it!  Oh my GGGGG!  What happened?  I haven’t even finished my son’s first grade scrap book!  I can’t let him start second grade until I’m done with it… I’ve only got a few days left!  Ahhhh!  As I try to finish one of the task on the list (sorting out the paper clutter that I had piled up for years) I’m getting flashback of the times I was in this very same predicament, and I am so disappointed at myself.

a couple years worth of paperwork...

a couple years worth of paperwork …

Summer break seemed so long, when it began…  I was going to keep my routine of waking up early, and getting things done.  The first week, we just decided we are going to relax and enjoy the break, so I didn’t implement any rules for my kids.  I was going to start my son in summer camp the week after, so we can get back to the routine.  However, that never happened… the breakfast time and bedtime became later and later, and every day became “lazy day.”  We woke up when our eyes opened, and went to bed when it was too late to stay up.  We were having breakfast at lunch time, and so forth…  Just because my son is on break doesn’t mean mommy and daddy are on break.  With the two kids in the house, they drove us nuts.  It was actually more work for us parents, trying to keep up with work and chores and keeping the kids entertained.  We went to the park, to the beach, to the pool, to the movies, to the mall, to restaurants, organizing playdates, and overload of video games, ipads and iphone games… that pretty much sums up our summer break this year.  Guilt sets in heavy, right about now….

Now it’s panic time, trying to reprogram my family’s internal clock to “school” schedule, and it’s not easy!

Overall, our lazy summer break was good.  I can say with confidence that we made the most out of the “break”.  We really needed this “break” from our busy, hectic routine, anyways.

I promise, next year will be different!…


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