My new best friend, Press-on-nails!

4 Apr

I’m busy…every day.  I’m a stay home mom / a home maker / and a crafter.  And anyone who is any one of these, knows that it is a challenge to keep your nails nicely manicured.  My hands are occupied from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.  I absolutely don’t have time to go and sit in a nail salon.  Honestly, I much prefer to do my nails myself.  The only time I have for my nails is after I finish all the house chores and my kids are asleep, right before I go to bed.  Then, I go to bed very carefully, so that my toes and fingers are clear of any covers/pillows that may smudge the polish.  And I pray in the morning that the polish has dried up nicely.

Sometimes, I’m too tired to do any of that.  That’s what happened the other day.  On the way to the party, I stopped by a drugstore to get something that may work, to make my nails look decent for the party.  I have not used “press on nails” since the 80’s, but I decided that it is the quickest solution.  I chose “imPRESS” because it said that the glue is on the nails already.  That will significantly simplify nail fixing in the car, on the go (I am on the passenger’s seat.)  I also chose the “short length” which seemed to fit my nails nicely.  So I got in the car, and simply followed the directions.  I cleaned the nails with the alcohol wipe that it came with, peeled off the small plastic on the back of the nails, and stuck them on.  I filed the tips down a little bit, and voila!  My nails were done.  They look like gel or acrylic nails.  It looks very nice, and natural.  I’m pleasantly surprised by the new discovery.  I’m happy!

Press-on nails has come a long way.  I get many compliments, and nobody believes it is “press-ons.”   (I got complemented by a nail person at the mall the other day!)  Mine stays on for 5 days or more, and I replace the ones that fall off, which are usually the pointer and middle fingers.  The thumbs are the last to go.  Latex particles are not good for them, so don’t use Latex gloves, even though you think you are protecting them.  I learned that the hard way – the nails fall off.  I can shower, wash my hair, bathe the kids, and even make hamburger patties with them on.  I’m truly impressed.  The thumb will not come off, so I usually have to peel it off.  However, don’t do what I did – I peeled it off in a hot shower, and it came off with the top layer of my nail.  So, don’t peel them off when your nail is wet and soft.  With one package, I can easily do 2 full sessions.  The only problem I have is that there are not enough small nails to fit my nails in one package.  ( I had to cut larger ones to fit my nails.)  That would be my only request to the “imPRESS” people, is to maybe make different size nail packages (not only length wise, but the width.)

All I have to say is, I love this product.  It truly is a busy woman’s best friend!


This is what happens if you try to peel off, when the nail is soft.

This is what happens if you try to peel off, when the nail is soft.


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