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25 Jan

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2013!

Here’s how the 2013 has been so far.

The first text I received on January 1st was from my son’s agent, giving us good news that he booked a big gig  – to Mexico!  That was a great way to wake up to a new year.  The first week was good.

The second week, though, was not so good.  Noa came home from the first day back to school, and broke out in fever.  He had high fever for two nights.  Daddy was feeling just as bad.  They had the flu.  Mia got sick next (she had fever, but recovered quickly,) and then it was my turn.  It was bad.  It was a miserable week.  Every bone and joints in my body, head to toe, was in pain.  Joints on my finger, my gums, my scalp, even my butt hurt…how is that possible?  The flu triggered my bronchial/asthmatic problem and now I’m still suffering from it.

Noa woke up the second day (of flu,) hallucinating?  Giggling uncontrollably, and talking complete nonsense, which totally freaked us out.  Daddy first thought that the fever overnight had burned his brain, so daddy was totally freaking out, ready to run to the ER.  (I was sleeping downstairs, with Mia.)  (This actually happened before with Noa, and I don’t remember now if it was when he was sick – I have to go back to my diaries.)  Anyways, he was back to his senses after a few minutes.  We asked him a few questions, and he answered them cohesively, so we didn’t take him to the ER.  We are still wondering now, if it was from his medicine (Tylenol Flu) or if he was just half asleep.   It was scary either way, and the pediatrician didn’t have an answer for us either.

Daddy accompanied Noa to his gig in Mexico.  Thank goodness they had recovered from the flu.  They stayed at this beautiful resort, got totally pampered, and had a great time.  His work will be coming out around March, so that’s exciting!

However, Daddy had an incident when he got back in the US, as always, he got detained.  Because of his common name, he gets detained almost all the time.  This time he was detained for 2 hours.  (Poor Noa had to suffer with him.)  The customs agents are totally inconsiderate (to the detained, their time, or whomever that are waiting and worried outside the gates for them.)  They made them sit in a room full of people, for two hours, treating them like they are criminals.  No cell phones allowed, so they are supposed to just sit there waiting for the unknown.  The agents are arrogant, joking around, having fun making the people (detained) feeling vulnerable and scared for no reason.  When they finally called daddy, they just gave back the passport, with no explanation at all, on why he was detained in the first place.  (Couple of years ago, we found out that there was an international computer hacker on a wanted list with the same name)  Anyways, this put a damper on the great experience they had  in Mexico.

This week, Daddy got a big abscess on his cheek.  It grew so big, it swelled up the whole right side of his face.  He had to go have  it drained, and now he has a scar on his face.

The flu experience has totally spiked up my OCD tendencies, and I try to avoid the public as much as I can.  Noa told me his classmate that sits next to him threw up yesterday in class…Ughhh  I have to sanitize everything – pencils, back pack, everything… When I pick him up from school, or when I go anywhere, I feel like we are germ infested, and I feel so icky, it drives me crazy… I don’t want to get into it, but the “chemtrails” in the sky is in full force (it looks like) so even taking the kids to the park is an issue these days…

So… this has been our January.  I will make a conscious effort to be positive, despite the way our year has started.