small joy

16 Dec

I came across a bag of chips at the supermarket the other day.   I’m not much of a junk food eater, but I do like Lays chips.  I usually choose the original, or the salt and vinegar flavor.  This particular day, as I was waiting in line at the check out, I see a bag of Lays chips in the corner of my eye, something different, something I have not seen before.  It is “Dill Pickle” flavor.  Without hesitation, I grabbed 2 bags of it.  I tried this when I get home, and I knew after the first crunch, that I have found my new favorite!  So, a week pass by, and I’m back at the supermarket.  I walk with a hop to the shelf where I found it the first time, and dumbfounded that I don’t see any.  I searched every shelf and section where they may possibly shelf a bag of chips.   None, zilch.  As if it never existed.  I was surprised at myself, that I was as disappointed as I was.  I asked the store manager and she didn’t give me any comfort when she told me that sometimes they (chip company) may just do a test run to see the public reaction, if they are coming up with a new flavor.  I was truly worried that I will never see it again.  Another week passed…none.  Another…none.  Then, the other day, they were there, totally calling out my name!  I said “YES!!!” quite loud as I grabbed a bunch of bags (They only come in a small bag) …and now I’m happy!    I think the more I couldn’t find it, the more I wanted it, and so, the joy was as big as it was when I finally found it again.

Simple joy of a housewife, at a supermarket…



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