Dec 14 2012

15 Dec

What a sad, sad, sad, day this was…

I woke up with a headache.

I took my son to school in the morning, spoke to the teacher about Monday’s “Holiday Pizza Party” and dropped off a bag of  Holiday decorations for the classroom.  Went to Target to do some Christmas shopping.  Went home, checked the news and emails on my computer.  I saw a headlining about a shooting in a school in Connecticut.  I had to lay down to relieve my headache.  I got back up, and left for pick up.  On the way, I heard the news about the shooting on the radio, that it’s been the worst school shooting in the history of US.  I was in shock, and felt anxiety, and rushed to get to school. It started raining.  I couldn’t wait to see my son.

I came home and immediately turned on CNN.  I couldn’t stop crying.   My husband and I both were weeping watching the news unfold.  My kids kept asking why I was crying.  We heard the President’s speech.  I really felt his humanity in his speech, and cried some more.

We went to the mall to see the grand opening of H&M.  I thought about the shooting that happened at the mall just about a week ago, and got nervous.  We then went to the theater and watched “The Rise of the Guardians.”   As we sat in the theater, I got more nervous thinking about the Aurora shooting.  I cried throughout the movie thinking about the small kids that were in that school today.  I thought about their parents.  I thought about the teachers.  The movie (which was a wonderful movie) focuses about the innocence of kids, and to think about what these little kids had to go through today, what horror they had to witness, is just heartbreaking.

I sit here in bed, my eyes are tired from crying.  The news do not get any better.  I hear that the victims are still at the scene.  These kids are my children’s age, and it really hits home.  I think about these parents, and think how they are going to spend this night.  I think about the pain they must be going through.  To think that it could have been my son’s school, is just scary.  I wonder if I should talk to my son about what happened?  I don’t know how.  I wonder if there will be any talk at the school on Monday to the kids?

There’s just so many questions and no answers.  Why? Why? Why? Could this happen?  What kind of a world do we live in, when we have to fear going to the movies, to the mall, and even to send our children to school?  Why are there so many, too many shootings?  How can anybody do such BAD to innocent little children?  I’m just so heartbroken.    I’m just grateful tonight, that my kids and family are safe.  My heart and thoughts go out to ALL the victims of today’s tragedy.


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