Happy Birthday Noa!

22 Oct

Happy Happy 7th Birthday to my awesome boy!

I’m so proud to be your mom.

You have grown significantly in the last year.  You talk and act beyond your years.  (But, you are still my baby boy!)

Your video gaming skills are amazing.  Although I give you a hard time playing your games, you have mastered the skills quite impressively – hesitantly admitting.

You are sharp, witty, and funny.  You have charisma.  I can tell you have inherited the mannerism and tongue from your daddy.  You say things that really surprise me.  Wow, did that just come out of your mouth?!

You are convinced that you have the Spiderman gene now that you really think you were bitten by a spider.

Your achievements in school are impressive.  I’m sorry when I am hard on you, I sometimes forget that you are only (now) 7, and I realize afterwards that I am expecting you to know or do so much more.

Your professionalism as a working model is outstanding.  Everyone on the set loves working with you.  I’m glad that you enjoy it, and grateful that you are blessed with this opportunity.

You are a kind boy.  You are a good brother.  You are awesome.

I’m so fulfilled with gratefulness that you are my son!  I enjoy and constantly amazed, watching you grow.  I love you with all my heart!



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