Hello Kitty Birthday Cake for Mia’s 4th!

19 Oct

This year, for my daughter’s 4th birthday, I made another Hello Kitty birthday cake!

I made a Hello Kitty cake 2 years ago, but this year, I wanted to elaborate on it, and found the perfect recipe on Wilton.com.

Since I needed to make my life as simple as possible, I used cake from a box and store bought icing.  The Strawberry cake mix was perfect, because it is PINK!  The only thing I do not like about using cake from a box is that it’s too sweet (for my taste.)  However,  I still need to pick up my son at school, run some errands, and the party is tomorrow, so this time, it will do.  I need to buy as much time as I can (just in case if anything goes wrong, I have time to make other arrangements.)  Ok…excuses, excuses…

So, here’s how I made my Hello Kitty Birthday Cake:

1. Butter and flour the cake pans.  I used a 14inch round pan for the base, and a Hello Kitty cake pan.  I used 2 boxes of Duncan Butter Cake Mix for the base, and 1 box of the Duncan Strawberry Cake mix for the Hello Kitty head.  Bake the cake according to the instructions on the box.  Set it aside on a rack.

Duncan Hines cake mix

Strawberry pink!

Base and head cake baked

Closer look at the head cake

2. cover the cakes with icing.  I used 1 tub of Duncan Hines Creamy Premium Frosting, Classic Vanilla flavor.  1 tub was just enough for everything I needed.  I put a plastic over the frosted cakes, so it does not harden.

Hello Kitty head frosted.

Base cake frosted

3. Roll out the fondant.  I used the Wilton Rolled Fondant.  I always do the Hello Kitty head first, because it needs to be pure white.  I roll out until it is thin enough that it easily drapes over the shape.  Make sure it is big enough that it will cover the shape and still have enough edge all around to tuck under.

Rolled fondant for head piece

Wilton Rolled Fondant

4. Drape the white fondant over the Hello Kitty head.  Use the rolling pin to lift and transfer (it can rip or the thickness can become uneven if you use your hands/fingers.)  Make sure your hands are completely dry and free of grease.  Softly run your hands over the shape so the fondant sets nicely and securely all around the shape.  Use your fingers to go over the indentations of the cake, like the bow, eyes, nose and whiskers.  Leave about 1.5 cm all around, and cut off the excess.  Gently lift and tuck in the edge all around the cake.

Cut off excess fondant

Tuck in edges all around

5. Make Rose color fondant for the base.  I used “Rose” icing color from Wilton.  Take a tooth pick and get food coloring onto the fondant, and knead.  Knead, and add color until the color  is completely solid.  Roll it out.  I have the Wilton Roll-N-cut mat, so it gives me a guideline as to how large the circle has to be, but keep in mind, that you need enough to cover the height of the cake and also a little enough to tuck under the sides (I learned that the hard way…)

Wilton Rose Icing color

6. Drape the Rose color fondant over the cake.  Again, use the rolling pin to lift and transfer.  Use your hands, or the fondant smoother to smooth over the surface and all around the cake.  Cut the excess, and tuck the edges under the cake.  Transfer the covered cake on a cake tray/mat.

covered base

Covered cakes

7. Make the face pieces.  Cut out the bow, eyes, nose, and whiskers.  I used the Hello Kitty cake pan as a guideline to cut out the exact shape I need for the kitty face.  Hello Kitty looks simple, but has to be precise.  Otherwise, it will look fake.  A dedicated fan (like me) can tell an authentic from a cheap imitation from a mile away.  So, I can not stress it enough, how important it is, that the shape, size and placement has to be perfect.  Put a little water in the back of the pieces (I use a small brush to apply the water) and place it in it’s place.  You have a pure white canvas, so when placing these items, hold your breath, have a steady hand, and make sure it sets where it needs to be.  You have one try, because the dye on these pieces will stain the base.

Hello Kitty head

8. Make small balls with pink and yellow fondant.  I used the guideline on my mat to make enough balls to go around the diameter of the cake.  Apply water with a brush and place it around the cake.

My little pink helper 🙂

9. Carefully lift the face portion and place it on the base.  Choose the best side of the base cake to face forward, and also position the face so you leave enough space on the bottom for name/decoration.  Alternative can be, to position it on the center, and put candles/decorations all around it.

10. Detail and decorations.  I cut out my daughter’s name and flowers with remaining fondant, in different colors.  Apply water and place it on the cake.  I also used Sprinkles to add detail to the decoration.

The birthday girl helping me make her cake!

Name applied

Wilton Sprinkles Yellow Sugar Pearls

Ta Da!  This cake was an improvement from the one I made 2 years ago, and I am very happy how it turned out.  My daughter was excited about it, which is all that matters!

The aftermath…

This was the one from 2 years ago.


2 Responses to “Hello Kitty Birthday Cake for Mia’s 4th!”

  1. adaisygarden October 19, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    Great job! Looks fantastic!

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