OCD? Maybe…Yes, just a little. Part 1

24 Sep

Lately, my frustration level and frequency has been higher than ever before.  Why?  I know why.  It is the loss of control that I face day after day.  Although I’ve mellowed down a bit, (or maybe I’ve given up) keeping up with my OCD tendancies has been challenging (to say the least) when living with 2 toddlers.

I have to have my house in a certain way, certain order.  Every single item in my house has it’s place, and it should always be there, not anywhere else.  Clothes in my drawers has to be folded in a certain way.  Pants hanging should have the straight end facing out, so it leaves a clean look.  My kids’ toys are organized in plastic bags, and in it’s designated boxes.  Everything must be contained in it’s own space within a drawer (I love the Container Store.)  Dishes must be hand washed, I am the few people on this earth that doesn’t believe a dishwasher can really clean my dishes.  Utensils and glasses must be hand wiped dry, because I can not stand water spots on them.  Everything has to be in a certain way.  I really got obsessed with vacuuming during my second pregnancy.  I was paranoid about keeping a clean floor, (I shed alot, and I had a chihuahua that shed ALOT as well), and I was chasing my dog around with the vacuum throughout the day…yes, it was excessive.  I don’t trust anyone else’s cleaning skills, so I have to do ALL cleaning myself.  I have a list of little details that goes on and on.

These tasks used to be alot easier to keep up with…before.  Now, I feel like I have three people (that would be my husband and 2 young kids) living with me that are constantly compromising my efforts!  When I do my cleaning, I expect to have my bathrooms clean for a week, at least, but I’m lucky if it stays clean for a day these days – I blame my 6 year old boy for that.  And why, does my husband have to shave right after I clean and polish the whole bathroom?!  The water splats on the mirror drives me crazy!  Do you really need to splatter food particles on the mirror when you floss?  My 3 year old keeps going through my drawers and misplacing things…when I find things where they are not supposed to be, it has her name written all over it.  When I go to put new laundered clothes in drawers, I find t-shirts in a ball, (obviously, it was tried on, but he chose not to wear it) but why, can’t he fold it back?!  Oh C’mon, why can’t you just put the deodorant back to it’s slot?!   Is this dirty or clean?  Why is this on the floor?  The toilet paper flap must be draping from the top.  Sometimes, I get so discouraged.  Sometimes, I jam the shirts back in the drawer, in a ball.  I walk away, but I can’t – I have to go back, re-organize the whole drawer.  Ugh…so pathetic.

I try to be more casual about these things.  But it’s not a bad thing, I think.  I want my kids to be tidy, organized.  It’s better to be tidy than sloppy, for sure.  My son is picking up on my habits a little, he knows every toy has to be where it’s supposed to be, and will correct me if I put a Spiderman in a Batman box.  He tells his friends to take off their shoes when they come in the house.  Yes, it’s working 🙂  Now, if I can just get my daughter to be a little neater, it will make my life so much easier!


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