Junk TV

4 Sep


I love it and despise it.  Before I had kids, my husband and I used to be a TV junkie – we watched all kinds of shows.  We had weekly show line ups, and this was before “On Demand” was available to us, so we watched it when it was aired, commercials and everything.  Bottom line was, we had TIME.  Today, 24hrs is just not enough time in a day.  Really, how does a week pass by so fast? – is what we say every week.  Today, we really don’t have time or the allowance to watch the shows we would like to watch.  The kids channels are completely dominating the tv in our house.  My husband and I still do watch our favorite (rated M) shows – always “On Demand” – late at night after the kids are asleep.  The sad thing is that we rarely make it through a movie without falling asleep…  I despise TV because it makes me feel guilty – right after the pleasure it has given me by the entertainment, I start feeling the sense of guilt that I have wasted time away – but I do go back to it every week.  It’s a vicious cycle.  It’s like unhealthy food.  You know it’s bad, but you just have to have french fries once in a while.

Anyhow, there are shows we all watch together as a family, that we can all enjoy, like the singing competition shows, Food and Travel shows, etc.  (I had to put a stop to Family Guy and American Dad, they were my kids’ and our favorite shows, but it’s bad when your 3 year old daughter starts picking up that sense of humor.)  The most recent show we enjoyed is “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”  It’s on TLC, which has the most “wrong” line up of shows – but I can’t help watching them, because they are so entertaining.  Many of the shows on TLC is, I think, exploitation.  You know when you see people that you want to stare at, but it’s rude to do so?  Well, these shows allows the public to freely watch, without feeling bad about it.  The shows showcase “unique” and “extraordinary” people and situations, in an entertaining way, and I can’t help tuning in.  The curiosity is what drives me to tune in.  I mean, if you saw this on your tv guide – “My teen is pregnant, and so am I” – wouldn’t you be curious?  I love the “hoarding” shows.  I don’t care for “what not to wear” – who cares?  Back to Honey Boo Boo… you have got to watch it.  I have not laughed like that in a while.  This family is hilarious!  I don’t know where they live, but they have train track running behind their back yard!  The whole family is something out of a movie.  We need subtitles to understand what they are saying (and they are speaking English)!  I’m so entertained!  (Is that bad?)  Honey Boo Boo, the “Star” of the show, is just lovable.  She is so sassy, I can’t believe she is my son’s age.  She won my husband’s heart over when she did her “Elvis’ thing.  I would never watch “Toddlers and Tiaras”, but I’ve scheduled a recording for Honey Boo Boo.  Really, she has so much character, she deserves a show.


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