Superstar Kindergarten 2011 – 2012

30 Aug

My son started his first grade a week ago, and before more time passed by, I want to look back at his super kindergarten year.

One thing I can say is he had a “super-awesome” kindergarten year.  He was a little boy when he started, (didn’t even know all his ABC’s), to knowing alphabets, numbers, to add, to subtract, 100 sight words, spelling, and reading!  He is still my little boy, but he grew profoundly.  I was a very proud mom to watch him graduate kindergarten.  It may have been “just” kindergarten, but his accomplishments were really big.

I want to thank one person who played a major role in making this happen – Ms.S, the teacher.  She is a teacher who educated her students, and at the same time, nurtured them with care and love.  Her teaching method is very micro-managed, which was so helpful for us as a parent.  She made sure there was constant, daily communications with the parents, so we knew how our child behaved every day.  She pushed the students to reach their full potential, and created her own study materials (besides the one general one given by the public school system.)  She taught them books, and also basic skills, and manners.  Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, because my son will bring home the general homework packet, Homework Fun packet (the one she created,) 1 book for reading, 10 spelling words, and 10 sight words – to turn in every Friday!  (This is kindergarten these days?! – I was shocked and intimidated of the work load at first.)  To get your child to sit and get all this done, without loosing patience, and loosing your mind, is a task that I struggled with for a while, but we managed!  Ms.S really set us up with high expectations in many ways.  Like active parent involvement in class, academic achievement from the kids, and what we can expect to get (feedback) from teachers.  She informed us with what will be taught in class every week, and my son knew what was going on.  It gave me comfort and confidence that my son is in good hands.  I know that her methods might not suit someone that has a more laid back attitude, but it really worked great for me.  She knew the kids, she knew the kids’ family, she treated the kids’ as her own.  And, you really felt that.  She is a rare kind (as I confirm with many other parents,) the kind of a teacher that really cared for her craft of teaching.  Her motto was, “All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten. (by Robert Fulghum)”  – and it is so true.  I appreciate her now, more than ever.

The class as a whole was great as well.  The kids were a great bunch of kids, and the parents were able to gather forces for school and holiday events.  We just had a great energy all together.  I really enjoyed the kindergarten experience, and I know my son did as well.  It was one special year and a special teacher which we will never forget – Thank you!


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