My Superhero

28 Aug

This is one of those precious moments that I want to record, so my son can smile when he revisits in the future.

My son has always been into superheroes.  His first favorite superhero emerged when he was two – Spiderman.  He watched the Spiderman DVD repeatedly, everyday.  He couldn’t just yet pronounce “S” sounds, and sounded out “K” instead, so he called out “kyerman.”  He would go “Pshew-pshew” and make hand gestures like he is shooting out a web from his wrist like Spiderman.  He collected many Spiderman figures, and played with it all day long, while watching the DVD.  These toy figures usually came with a small pamphlet or a catalog kind of insert in the package.  It is a way to entice kids to want all of the other toys they can ask for.  Anyways, my son never wanted to throw away any of the little booklets.  He actually held on to it all day long along with the action figure.  He would stare at it, and stare at it.  He would go to bed with it, and would have them in his grip when he got out of bed.  He was completely mesmerized with it.  I had to sort of laminate it, because it became wrinkled and started to rip apart.  I could have thrown it away, but I kept it, because it was so precious to him.

There was a period when he was into other superheroes.  Hero of the moment was probably determined by the movie that was out during that time.  Batman is his thing now.

A while ago, when we went to an island beach with friends, he claims that he was bitten by a little spider.  Ever since then, he  is convinced that the same thing that happened to Peter Parker will happen to him – to possess Spiderman-like powers.  He likes to climb the door frame with his hands and feet.  He tells me, “Mama, you know why I can do that? Well, my hands and feet are very sticky.  You know I was bitten by a spider?”  He sees his fuzzy hair on his arms and legs, and was like ” Look what’s happening to me, like a spider.  This is crazy!”  Also when a scratch on his arm became a scab, he said, “Oh man, this is so awesome.  Does this happen to you too, mama?  I think it’s because I was bitten by the spider.” 🙂  How precious it that?  He can believe he is turning Spiderman for now…or for a while.


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