First Grade!

26 Aug

We survived the first week of First Grade!

I gathered everything on the (long) list of supplies that are required to start first grade.  I wrote my son’s name on every article.  His uniforms are ready, and he is happy with his new backpack and his awesome Batman lunch box!

He was not nervous at all, (or maybe he is just acting cool) and when he saw close friends from kindergarten in the same class, he was extra happy.  That took one worry away from me.

But why am I feeling unsettling?  Why am I worried and nervous?  Have I become the annoying “paranoid parent?”  My husband tells me I’m getting the separation anxiety from Ms.S, my son’s kindergarten teacher.  You can read about Ms.S on a separate post, because she deserves one just for her.  Anyways, I’m feeling  jittery and I know why.

I am a very hands-on mother when it comes to school activities and studies.  I strongly believe having a good teacher is extremely important, because it directly affects your child in many levels.  I also think it is equally important that teachers and parents have an open communication, a connection.  It’s as important as finding a trustworthy babysitter.  I never hired a babysitter.  The rare times that I leave the kids to someone else’s hands was either to my mother in law or to my mom.  Otherwise, to a very close relative or a friend that we know very well.  Am I over-protective?  Anyways, I don’t have that comforting feeling with the new teacher – yet.  I know it’s only the first week, so I may be over-reacting to a situation that is too young to judge.  However, I felt that I can trust my son in Ms.S’s hands from the very first day we met.  First impression is important, right?  I feel like this new teacher who I’m going to call Ms.X do not even care to make any sort of connection at all.  I made several attempts to introduce myself, and to make that connection, but she brushed me off like she is uninterested.  SO, this is why I’m so puzzled, frustrated…  I’m going to back off a bit, just because I’m sure she is overwhelmed on the first week back to school.  Maybe we had a rare luck of having an “A+” teacher for kindergarten, and that the “standard” is this?  Maybe I’m not accepting the “change” just yet.  Like I said, maybe I’m over reacting, so let me give it time.

Lets see how it goes…


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