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Superstar Kindergarten 2011 – 2012

30 Aug

My son started his first grade a week ago, and before more time passed by, I want to look back at his super kindergarten year.

One thing I can say is he had a “super-awesome” kindergarten year.  He was a little boy when he started, (didn’t even know all his ABC’s), to knowing alphabets, numbers, to add, to subtract, 100 sight words, spelling, and reading!  He is still my little boy, but he grew profoundly.  I was a very proud mom to watch him graduate kindergarten.  It may have been “just” kindergarten, but his accomplishments were really big.

I want to thank one person who played a major role in making this happen – Ms.S, the teacher.  She is a teacher who educated her students, and at the same time, nurtured them with care and love.  Her teaching method is very micro-managed, which was so helpful for us as a parent.  She made sure there was constant, daily communications with the parents, so we knew how our child behaved every day.  She pushed the students to reach their full potential, and created her own study materials (besides the one general one given by the public school system.)  She taught them books, and also basic skills, and manners.  Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, because my son will bring home the general homework packet, Homework Fun packet (the one she created,) 1 book for reading, 10 spelling words, and 10 sight words – to turn in every Friday!  (This is kindergarten these days?! – I was shocked and intimidated of the work load at first.)  To get your child to sit and get all this done, without loosing patience, and loosing your mind, is a task that I struggled with for a while, but we managed!  Ms.S really set us up with high expectations in many ways.  Like active parent involvement in class, academic achievement from the kids, and what we can expect to get (feedback) from teachers.  She informed us with what will be taught in class every week, and my son knew what was going on.  It gave me comfort and confidence that my son is in good hands.  I know that her methods might not suit someone that has a more laid back attitude, but it really worked great for me.  She knew the kids, she knew the kids’ family, she treated the kids’ as her own.  And, you really felt that.  She is a rare kind (as I confirm with many other parents,) the kind of a teacher that really cared for her craft of teaching.  Her motto was, “All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten. (by Robert Fulghum)”  – and it is so true.  I appreciate her now, more than ever.

The class as a whole was great as well.  The kids were a great bunch of kids, and the parents were able to gather forces for school and holiday events.  We just had a great energy all together.  I really enjoyed the kindergarten experience, and I know my son did as well.  It was one special year and a special teacher which we will never forget – Thank you!


My Superhero

28 Aug

This is one of those precious moments that I want to record, so my son can smile when he revisits in the future.

My son has always been into superheroes.  His first favorite superhero emerged when he was two – Spiderman.  He watched the Spiderman DVD repeatedly, everyday.  He couldn’t just yet pronounce “S” sounds, and sounded out “K” instead, so he called out “kyerman.”  He would go “Pshew-pshew” and make hand gestures like he is shooting out a web from his wrist like Spiderman.  He collected many Spiderman figures, and played with it all day long, while watching the DVD.  These toy figures usually came with a small pamphlet or a catalog kind of insert in the package.  It is a way to entice kids to want all of the other toys they can ask for.  Anyways, my son never wanted to throw away any of the little booklets.  He actually held on to it all day long along with the action figure.  He would stare at it, and stare at it.  He would go to bed with it, and would have them in his grip when he got out of bed.  He was completely mesmerized with it.  I had to sort of laminate it, because it became wrinkled and started to rip apart.  I could have thrown it away, but I kept it, because it was so precious to him.

There was a period when he was into other superheroes.  Hero of the moment was probably determined by the movie that was out during that time.  Batman is his thing now.

A while ago, when we went to an island beach with friends, he claims that he was bitten by a little spider.  Ever since then, he  is convinced that the same thing that happened to Peter Parker will happen to him – to possess Spiderman-like powers.  He likes to climb the door frame with his hands and feet.  He tells me, “Mama, you know why I can do that? Well, my hands and feet are very sticky.  You know I was bitten by a spider?”  He sees his fuzzy hair on his arms and legs, and was like ” Look what’s happening to me, like a spider.  This is crazy!”  Also when a scratch on his arm became a scab, he said, “Oh man, this is so awesome.  Does this happen to you too, mama?  I think it’s because I was bitten by the spider.” 🙂  How precious it that?  He can believe he is turning Spiderman for now…or for a while.

First Grade!

26 Aug

We survived the first week of First Grade!

I gathered everything on the (long) list of supplies that are required to start first grade.  I wrote my son’s name on every article.  His uniforms are ready, and he is happy with his new backpack and his awesome Batman lunch box!

He was not nervous at all, (or maybe he is just acting cool) and when he saw close friends from kindergarten in the same class, he was extra happy.  That took one worry away from me.

But why am I feeling unsettling?  Why am I worried and nervous?  Have I become the annoying “paranoid parent?”  My husband tells me I’m getting the separation anxiety from Ms.S, my son’s kindergarten teacher.  You can read about Ms.S on a separate post, because she deserves one just for her.  Anyways, I’m feeling  jittery and I know why.

I am a very hands-on mother when it comes to school activities and studies.  I strongly believe having a good teacher is extremely important, because it directly affects your child in many levels.  I also think it is equally important that teachers and parents have an open communication, a connection.  It’s as important as finding a trustworthy babysitter.  I never hired a babysitter.  The rare times that I leave the kids to someone else’s hands was either to my mother in law or to my mom.  Otherwise, to a very close relative or a friend that we know very well.  Am I over-protective?  Anyways, I don’t have that comforting feeling with the new teacher – yet.  I know it’s only the first week, so I may be over-reacting to a situation that is too young to judge.  However, I felt that I can trust my son in Ms.S’s hands from the very first day we met.  First impression is important, right?  I feel like this new teacher who I’m going to call Ms.X do not even care to make any sort of connection at all.  I made several attempts to introduce myself, and to make that connection, but she brushed me off like she is uninterested.  SO, this is why I’m so puzzled, frustrated…  I’m going to back off a bit, just because I’m sure she is overwhelmed on the first week back to school.  Maybe we had a rare luck of having an “A+” teacher for kindergarten, and that the “standard” is this?  Maybe I’m not accepting the “change” just yet.  Like I said, maybe I’m over reacting, so let me give it time.

Lets see how it goes…

Hello World! Tropical Storm Isaac… Perfect day to begin my blog!

26 Aug

Sunday morning rain is falling…

Tropical storm Isaac is passing through the Keys area today, and the forecast now shows we will be dodging the eye of the storm this time.  Whew!  Nonetheless, it is a stormy day.  I vacuumed, mopped, did 3 loads of laundry, and fed the family.  I have a list of things I want to get done today, and one of them is to start my blog!  I’ve kept personal diaries for years – books and books of them.  I was always skeptical about blogs, just because I am apprehensive about sharing my inner thoughts to “everyone.”  I am definitely not the type to announce my day to day activities on Facebook either.  However, I realize that my diary books often have blank pages lately, or repetitive stuff – ever since my son started school, life has been super busy – so I have ditched my diary notebooks completely.  I also want to have something (that will not get lost or damaged over time) for my kids to be able to enjoy.  So, I have decided I will start what many others have been doing – a BLOG!  Yey!